samasource found me


The Client


creative brief

Samasource approached us to create a commercial that would take the fundraising effort at their annual Give Work Gala to a new level.  Samasource works in the poorest pockets of the globe to seek out people with untapped potential and give them jobs. They wanted to feature their work in Kibera, the largest slum in the world. The character we were to feature was pre-selected.

Typically, we would scout both location and characters for a piece like this, but instead, we went in cold and had only one day to meet our character, scout the locations and hire a security detail to help. 


The Insight

People appreciate work more than handouts.


Our Role

Production, Editing, Motion Design, Color Grading, Audio Mixing, Mastering

The Solution

Approach the story from a documentary perspective, filming the daily challenges Martha faces and how Samasource has helped. 

We went straight into the thick of it, flying to Nairobi and meeting our fixer that night. Our focus was on Martha, a bright young woman who works at a call center through Samasource. Over the next few days, we followed her around the city and developed a lasting friendship. 

The film premiered at the Give Work Gala and raised over $750,000 in a single evening.