Max Salomon

vr technologist and emmy award-winning director

Max is an Emmy award-winning producer, writer, director and co-founder of Black Dot Films VR, an industry leading immersive media company. He has produced and directed over 40 critically acclaimed VR films for National Geographic and Smithsonian. A massive viral success they have reached an audience of over 250 million. From climbing into the spires of Giant Sequoia trees to the first 3D VR film shot in space with astronauts in orbit on the ISS, he’s pushed the envelope of the technology and transformed VR into a rich storytelling platform.

In 2019 Max brought in 6 Webby Awards for his VR work -- Best Cinematic VR, Best 360, Best Narrative Experience, Best Interactive Design and two People’s Voice Awards. His 3-part VR series, The Long Road Home: Memories of War, which takes viewers inside the shattered PTSD-laced dreams and memories of Iraq War veterans won the 2018 Webby Award for Best Cinematic VR, Best Documentary at VR Fest, and the 2018 Cine Golden Eagle for Best Non-Fiction Virtual Reality.

Prior to this, he produced films for PBS, NATURE, History Channel and National Geographic, where he was Senior Producer of its flagship Explorer series. His long-form specials for PBS, Discovery and National Geographic have earned him nearly 20 National Emmy Awards, including back-to-back wins for Best Investigative Documentary for Gorilla Murders, and for National Geographic’s landmark investigation into the BP oil spill, Can the Gulf Survive?

See below for a sample of Max's work.