waiting for mother's day


creative brief

The IRC contacted us with a wonderful story that we knew would make a gripping short film. Tha, a Burmese refugee, fled nine years ago with her daughters and resettled in Baltimore. Due to complicated paperwork, Tha's six-year-old son Venson was forced to stay behind in Burma. For nine long years, she has fought tirelessly, along with the IRC, to bring him to reunite her family. The day had finally come - he was coming to America, and we would be there to capture it. 

There were a few things we needed to work through in order to make the filming a success. For one, neither Tha nor Venson spoke English, so we would have to film Tha's interview in Burmese and then find a believable narrator to record her lines in English. 


The Solution

Spend the day of the reunion with Tha and her family and ride with them to the airport, experiencing the anticipation alongside them. 

The IRC told us of their plans to drop Tha's son Venson off at her apartment, which we felt would be a bit anti-climatic. Instead, we suggested that the whole family go to the airport to greet him. 

We waited for hours at the Baltimore airport with Tha and her family. You can feel the longing and anticipation from the mother's perspective waiting alongside her. 

The video was timed for release on Mother's Day along with a social media push. It was shared across multiple platforms and raised over $200,000 in donations in one day.