A New Story of Business


The Challenge

Engage current students and potential candidates.

With a mission is to develop entrepreneurial and responsible global leaders, Darden is one of the world’s top-ranked business schools. As a school within the University of Virginia, Darden prides itself in offering its students the ultimate education experience, and has been recognized as such for five years in a row by The Economist.

With a reimagined business curriculum and an unparalleled focus on student satisfaction, Darden aims to create global and responsible leaders, who will improve the world through business.

Darden’s goal was to showcase its mission in an authentic light to both engage current students and attract potential ones to the University of Virginia.


The Insight

Business can be a force for good in the world.


Our Role

Marketing Strategy, Concept, Storyboards, Script, Production, Editing, Motion Design, Color Treatment, Audio Mix, Mastering

The Solution

Take a snapshot of the Darden experience, and show how it develops and inspires responsible leaders.

In multiple meetings with Darden School of Business faculty and administrators, Still Life Projects culled the message Darden wanted to share: that the school was not only creating global and responsible leaders but also teaching those leaders to change the very narrative of doing business.

We selected a student whose story was representative of Darden’s student body: passionate, determined and visionary; and a professor who, as a philosopher, embodies the transformational nature of the program, which is engineered to convey knowledge, build practical skills and enhance attributes of character.

Over a two-day multi-camera shoot, our team captured the first person accounts of both student and professor as together, and from unique perspectives, they wove the story of Darden’s School of Business.