The Challenge

Create a commercial campaign to increase user engagement. 

Hoping to harness the recent publicity as Apple's #4 ranking for job posting apps, Moonlighting's main goal was to increase downloads and raise brand awareness with short commercial spots. 

Overnight, brands such as Uber and AirBnB have exploded into billion-dollar companies. Despite this, the freelance economy lacks a similar service for people who wish to buy and sell services. The Moonlighting app was created to do exactly this. It was successfully launched, featuring on the front page of iTunes in the business section. The key challenge here was to build on this initial success in a timely manner with an explanatory introduction that would attract new users.


The Insight

Moonlighting makes it possible to take control of your time and be your own boss.


Our Role

Concept Creation, Talent Casting, Scripting, Production, Set Design, Editing, Motion Design, Color Treatment, Audio Mix, Mastering

The Solution

Develop a range of commercials targeting different Moonlighting users and showcasing its ease of use.

At a very basic level, users of this app fall into two groups: buyers and sellers. By scripting various first-person storylines, we were able to explain functionality to a broad range of users. We worked with a casting agency to source talent and filmed six spots over the course of three days. 

The videos were shot so that they could be watched and enjoyed in isolation, while also thematically complementing one another for a broader overview of the app. The variety of pieces maximized outreach and gave Moonlighting several deliverables to push out to various platforms.