Virtual reality as a medium is changing the way media is produced, and the way it’s being consumed. Our exclusive VR partner, Black Dot Films VR is at the forefront of the field, navigating the new landscape of VR documentary storytelling. A  seasoned Emmy-winning crew with deep experience across a broad range of genres, our work has taking us around the globe telling some the most compelling stories at the cutting edge of science and technology. Some recent highlights:

  • Commissioned to fulfill NG's flagship VR pipeline of over 28 films for NG's VR production partnerships with Facebook and HULU.
  • First few premieres for NG Facebook were a huge viral success, with over 50 million views and great sharing penetration.
  • Three projects are in the the top ten 360 videos of 2016, beating out all other media brands on the entire Facebook platform.
  • Films for HuluVR are the highest rated and most viewed on the entire HuluVR app.

In addition to our work for National Geographic, we're also producing and developing VR content for a variety of other outlets - for major consumer brands, museums and NGOs.



    Content Strategy, Storyboards, Script, VR Production, Editing, Motion Design, Color Grading, Sound Design, Mastering


    We've established a network of exclusive technology partnerships that position us at the technical cutting edge of VR production. 

    • High-quality 3D that immerses you in eye-popping close encounters
    • Adaptive spatial audio that adjusts dimensional surround sound as you turn your head to look around the VR landscape
    • Our time-lapse and high-speed VR systems let you explore a time scale beyond human perception
    • Our gimbal-stabilized drone-based and CableCam- based VR systems create seemingly impossible shots that navigate the world in ways that boggle the imagination...
    • Our custom-built camera rigs let us take VR into extreme environments that would tear other rigs to shreds - from the 200-mile-per hour winds and bone-crushing G-forces of acrobatic flight, to the extreems of the deep ocean.

    We'd love to hear about your project.  |  202.997.2507