the canvas of life 

Client: Murad

Dovetailing on the announcement that Dr. Howard Murad was the year’s Beauty Changes Lives Legacy Award honoree, the skincare company hoped to celebrate the founder’s accomplishments and reignite interest in the brand.

Murad’s core ethos is that the best way to look good is to feel good. This messaging filters through all of its products, promoting inclusive health, quality nutrition, stress management and a positive approach to life. Dr. Howard Murad, the founder, wanted to take this moment to reaffirm his commitment to inner beauty and inspire others to live younger.

We created a 20 minute Founder's Film about Dr. Howard Murad and from this we created several cut downs - a 7-minute film, a 5-minute film, a 90 second commercial for QVC, and also a 30 second commercial. 


why aren't you moonlighting?

Client: Verizon / Moonlighting

Hoping to harness the recent publicity as Apple's #4 ranking for job posting apps, Moonlighting's main goal was to increase downloads and raise brand awareness with short commercial spots. 

Overnight, brands such as Uber and AirBnB have exploded into billion-dollar companies. Despite this, the freelance economy lacks a similar service for people who wish to buy and sell services. The Moonlighting app was created to do exactly this. It was successfully launched, featuring on the front page of iTunes in the business section. The key challenge here was to build on this initial success in a timely manner with an explanatory introduction that would attract new users.

The videos were shot so that they could be watched and enjoyed in isolation, while also thematically complementing one another for a broader overview of the app. The variety of pieces maximized outreach and gave Moonlighting several deliverables to push out to various platforms.


a new story of business 

Client: University of Virginia / Darden School of Business

The Darden School of Business partnered with Still Life Projects to create a highly-engaging film that would inspire current students and alumni, as well as attract prospective students. 

As one of America's top business schools, Darden's main mission is a simple one: to help young people develop into global leaders and entrepreneurs of the future. At the same time, it is revolutionizing the way business is approached and perceived.

We needed to showcase both the age-old traditions of the business school experience while building an excitement about Darden's futuristic approach.