The Challenge

Take a complex concept and translate it into a character-driven, approachable story.

The Rockefeller Foundation was partnering with Next City to examine the ever-shifting boundaries between formal and informal city life in six of the world's largest developing cities. Still Life Projects was hired to create a series of films exploring this topic in various cities around the world. A Tale of Two Vendors is one of these stories, exploring the scene in Bangkok. 

Once again, we were being dropped in a foreign location and trusting our intuition and story sensibilities to guide us. We assumed we would touch down and get to work identifying characters following a single storyline. Instead, we ended up connecting with a local blogger who provided us with some good leads. The challenge was getting in touch with the people featured in his stories from months past, who were not easy to track down. 


The Insight

As technology and population grow, the informal economy will always be reinventing the way business is done.


Our Role

Concept Creation, Production, Editing, Motion Design, Color Grading, Audio Mixing, Mastering

The Solution

Take two parallel stories and intertwine them in a manner that would challenge the way people are approaching the informal economy.

The story we ended up filming surprised us in many ways. Our blogger contact, along with other city experts, told us that Thailand’s educated middle class are looking to the informal sector for work. We found this to be an interesting perspective, so we determined to find two parallel yet opposite stories: one of a traditional street vendor trying to make it out of necessity, and another about an educated middle class businessman chasing an opportunity in the informal marketplace.

The result is a thought-provoking piece that sparks a conversation about the state of the informal city and its potential moving into the future. By providing these contrasting real-world examples, it's clear that there's a place for anyone willing to step into it.