The Canvas of Life


The Client


The Challenge

Celebrate Dr. Murad's accomplishments and reignite interest in the brand.  

Dovetailing on the announcement that Dr. Howard Murad was the year’s Beauty Changes Lives Legacy Award honoree, the skincare company hoped to celebrate the founder’s accomplishments and reignite interest in the brand.

Murad’s core ethos is that the best way to look good is to feel good. This messaging filters through all of its products, promoting inclusive health, quality nutrition, stress management and a positive approach to life. Dr. Howard Murad, the founder, wanted to take this moment to reaffirm his commitment to inner beauty and inspire others to live younger.


The Insight

Live younger.


Our Role

Concept Development, Storyboards, Production, Set Design, Editing, Motion Design, Color Grading, Audio Mixing, Mastering

The Solution

Approach the project as an intimate portrait of Dr. Howard Murad and let his story reveal the drive and passion behind the company's success.

Still Life Projects met with Dr. Murad and observed that his passion to live younger was evident in everything he did, right down to his own lifestyle. This was the initial spark for the eventual presentation: to represent the doctor’s commitment to health and how it touched every area of his life, down to the most intimate detail.

This portrait presents a multi-faceted man: one who lives his Connected Beauty philosophy on every level and one who inspires his patients and family members to do so as well.

Over the course of a week, multiple cameras gained exclusive insight into Dr. Murad’s day to day life - from an early morning hike with family, to engaging with patients, to dazzling a classroom full of children. Interwoven are interviews with patients and family members that speak to the history of the company and Dr Murad’s inspirational core values which have remained unchanged since the company first started.