project rhino


The Challenge

Arrive in Calcutta, scout locations in the city as well as the countryside, arrange a casting call, identify and film two unique stories, navigate logistics... all in five days. 

We were approached by Calcutta Mercy Hospital to make two short videos for Project Rhino to raise funds for more schools. We arrived in Calcutta with two Canon 5D packages, Zacuto rods, a TASCAM recorder and a Kessler Crane CineSlider. Calcutta Mercy Hospital had little direction for us, except that the pieces were to be short. We wanted the story arcs to be strong, and also wanted to focus on the positives from the program and the hope that Project Rhino has generated.

After a day of scouting two locations, we decided to split up, with one crew focusing on the urban location, and one focusing on the rural village where Project Rhino started. Thankfully, we had found two great characters during the scout day, so we were able to get to work right away. 

Our challenge was to show that children's dreams are the same everywhere and how Project Rhino is helping Arjun to reach his full potential. His father, a rickshaw puller, earning less than $1 a day, was hesitant to be interviewed. His time was precious, yet critical for the story we had crafted. Fortunately, we were able to make it up to him and he delivered an extremely heartfelt interview - one that was the main driver for the storyline.


The Insight

Sometimes the simplest stories are the most impactful.


Our Role

Concept Creation, Production, Editing, Color Grading, Audio Mixing, Mastering

The Solution

Showcase the opportunity Project Rhino affords to children through the story of a father and son. 

In Calcutta, a rickshaw puller earns less than a dollar a day. With no money to pay for school fees, many children grow up illiterate. Currently in India, there are more than 5 million children not in school. Clearly, this wasn't a point we needed to make - everyone can get behind educating children. So instead, we decided to make the film about a father's dream for his child. 

In this scenario, the father hopes that his son can grow up with more opportunity than he had provided through the education he's receiving through Project Rhino.